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Tatiana Potapova_Portrait avec sa sculpture Infinite Flight.jpg

Tatiana Potapova is a Belgian sculptor of Russian origin. She was born in Moscow in 1977. She arrived in Belgium when she was 18.  After 15 years’ career working in international companies, she decided to take up sculpturing, thus renewing a childhood passion.

 Tatiana exhibited her first works in 2016. They quickly seduced a Belgian and international audience with their intensity and strength. She recently received the Public Prize at the Montreux Sculpture Biennale as well as that of the Lasne Sculpture Biennale.

Tatiana can be described as someone full of energy. It is this energy that she would like to breathe into the pieces she works on. She is fascinated by the idea of ​​infusing movement into a sculpture. It is a wonderful challenge, working in bronze, to capture a movement at that moment of  intensity and to give an impression of lightness! Her desire is that her works dance, jump and play ... that they are alive!


Tatiana is inspired by life around her. At the same time, she has realised that in her bronze sculptures, she re-create her childhood dreams.: figure-skating, ballet, gymnastics ... she watched these for hours on television when she was a little girl in Moscow. She admires these women (and men) who through effort and determination manage to give us an incredible impression of elegance and lightness ... This is also what she aimes to achieve in her work ...

Tatiana Potapova's studio is situated in the center of Tervuren.  For a private visit you can contact her via or +32/478370075. 


- Prix du Public, Montreux Biennale, 2021 (

- Prix du Public, Lasne Sculpture Biennale, 2020

- Lauréat of the Fonds SofinaBoël for the Education and Talent, 2022

Monumental sculptures in public places:

- Girl on the ring (235 cm), Montreux, , Leman Lake, Switzerland, 2023

- Big Freedom (255 cm), Montreux, Leman Lake, Switzerland, 2021 - 2023

- Infinite Flight (250cm), Tervuren centre, Belgium, 2021

- Infinite Flight (100-120 cm on wall), a Federale Real Estate order for their Falcone building, Grand-Bigard, Belgium, 2020


Represented in following galleries:

- The Whitethorn Gallery

Main Street, Clifden, Co. Galway, Ireland

- Artnpepper Gallery, Belgique & Luxembourg

Roquez, Jalhay 4845

-Philippe Heim

Rue Ernest Allard, 16, Sablon Brussels, Belgium & Paris, France

-Fondation MAG

Chemin Bleu Léman 1, 1844 Villeneuve, Switzerland

Participated in following Art Fairs:

-Art Source, Dublin 2022 with Whitethorn Gallery

-Antica Namur 2022 with Philippe Heim Gallery

-Brafa 2022 in the galleries with Philippe Heim Gallery, Sablon, Brussels

-PAD 2022  with Philippe Heim Gallery, Paris



-Art in the Park, ed 5, duo show with Dana van der Bijl, Tervuren Park


-Art in the Park, ed 4, duo show with Dana van der Bijl, Tervuren Park

- Villa Clementina charity collective exhibition, Zemst

- Limal artwalk, collective exhibition

- Walhain art walk, collective exhibition

-SAB by Philippe Heim Gallery, Sablon, Brussels

- Tourinnes-la-Grosse art walk, solo show 


-Lasne Sculpture Biennale, guest of honor, Lasne

-Tourinnes-la-Grosse art walk

-SAB by Philippe Heim Gallery, Costermans Gallery, Sablon, Brussels

-Chastre artwalk, Chastre

-l'Art pour l'Acceuil, charity exhibition, Brussels

-Art in the Park, ed 3, duo show with Dana van der Bijl, Tervuren Park

-Art Truc Troc & Design 2022, Tour & Taxi, Brussels

-Kunst in de Troost, charity exhibition, Vilvoorde

-Tervuren Rotary Gala,  charity exhibition, Tervuren 

-Duo show with Aldo Balding, by OFI Asset Management Mecenat, Paris


-Tourinnes-la-Grosse art walk

-Montreux Biennale (Public Award), Switzerland

-SAB by Philippe Heim in the Costermans Gallery, Sablon, Brussels

-Château Coloma, Art Valley on the tours, Sint-Stevens-Wolume 

- Art in the Park, duo show with Dana van der Bijl, Tervuren Park



 - Lasne sculpture Biennale (Public Award)

 - Art in the Park, open atelier personal exposition with Tiet, Tervuren Park

 - Tourinnes-la-Grosse art walk

- Sculpture offer to «Chaîne de l’Espoir» charity


- Salon des arts, Association de la Noblesse du Royaume de Belgique, Bruxelles

- Charity auction for Rotary club, Tervuren

- Chastre art walk

- Gallery Van De Velde, personal exhibition with «Les délires de Josephine», De Haan

- L’art pour l’Acceuil, charity art exhibition, Brussels

- Tervuren Artiestentoer

- A Posteriori, art project of Valou Kervyn, Sablon, Brussels

- Air du temps, personal exhibition with Maria Mamkaeva, Cultural center of the Russian Embassy in Belgium



- Operation 111111, contribution to the charity campaign with

- ProfondArt- Limal art walk

- Ongezien#3, Museumnacht Antwerpen

- Charity art exhibition in favour of l’ASBL Papillon d'Armandia, la Hulpe

- Tervuren Artiestentoer

- A Posteriori, art project of Valou Kervyn, Tervuren

- Galerie Sablon d’art, Sablon, Brussels

- ART Truc Troc & Design, Bozar, Brussels



- Noël approche, Watermael-Boitsfort

- Women’s ART, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

- Tervuren Artiestentoer

- Sculpture offer to the art auction in favour of “Eglantier”, Tervuren

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