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I was born in Moscow in 1977. I arrived in Belgium when I was 18 to work as an au pair, where I subsequently studied law and management. After 15 years’ career working in international companies, I decided to take up sculpturing, thus renewing a childhood passion.

I have been described as someone full of energy. It is this energy that I would like to breathe into the pieces I work on. I am fascinated by the idea of ​​infusing movement into a sculpture. It is a wonderful challenge, working in bronze, to capture a movement at that moment of  intensity and to give an impression of lightness! My desire is that my works dance, jump and play ... that they are alive!


I am inspired by life around me. At the same time, I have realised that in my bronze sculptures, I re-create my childhood dreams.: figure-skating, ballet, gymnastics ... I watched these for hours on television when I was a little girl in Moscow. I admire these women (and men) who through effort and determination manage to give us an incredible impression of elegance and lightness ... This is also what I aim to achieve in my work ...

My atelier is in the Tervuren Park.  You can contact me if you want to come visit me. 


- Prix du Public, Montreux Biennale, 2021

- Prix du Public, Lasne Sculpture Biennale, 2020

Monumental sculptures:

- Big Freedom (255 cm), Montreux, Leman Lake, Switzerland, 2021

- Infinite Flight (250cm), Tervuren centre, Belgium, 2021

- Infinite Flight (100-120 cm on wall), a Federale Real Estate order for their Falcone building, Grand-Bigard, Belgium, 2020


Represented in following galleries:

-Philippe Heim

Rue Ernest Allard, 16, Sablon Brussels

-Fondation MAG

Chemin Bleu Léman 1, 1844 Villeneuve, Switzerland



-Fetes de la Saint-Martin

-Montreux Biennale, Switzerland

-SAB by Philippe Heim in the Costermans gallery, Grand Sablon 5, Brussels

-Château Coloma, Art Valley on the tours, Sint-Stevens-Wolume 

- Art in the Park, open atelier personal exhibition with Dana van der Bijl, Tervuren Park



 - Lasne sculpture Biennale, Public Award

- Installation of the "Infinite Flight", Falcone building, Grand-Bigard, Belgium

 - Art in the Park, open atelier personal exposition with Tiet, Tervuren Park

 - Tourinnes-la-Grosse art walk

- Sculpture offer to «Chaîne de l’Espoir» charity


- Salon des arts, Association de la Noblesse du Royaume de Belgique, Bruxelles

- Charity auction for Rotary club, Tervuren

- Chastre art walk

- Gallery Van De Velde, personal exhibition with «Les délires de Josephine», De Haan

- L’art pour l’Acceuil, charity art exhibition, Brussels

- Tervuren Artiestentoer

- A Posteriori, art project of Valou Kervyn, Sablon, Brussels

- Air du temps, personal exhibition with Maria Mamkaeva, Cultural center of the Russian Embassy in Belgium



- Operation 111111, contribution to the charity campaign with www.naojo.com

- ProfondArt- Limal art walk

- Ongezien#3, Museumnacht Antwerpen

- Charity art exhibition in favour of l’ASBL Papillon d'Armandia, la Hulpe

- Tervuren Artiestentoer

- A Posteriori, art project of Valou Kervyn, Tervuren

- Galerie Sablon d’art, Sablon, Brussels

- ART Truc Troc & Design, Bozar, Brussels



- Noël approche, Watermael-Boitsfort

- Women’s ART, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

- Tervuren Artiestentoer

- Sculpture offer to the art auction in favour of “Eglantier”, Tervuren